More familiarity with Abrenoor (Noor Cloud)

Noor Cloud System (Online Desk for Noor Software Programs) is one of the websites designed and owned by Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences which has made it possible to run the Noor Software Programs in all Operating Systems.

Not so long ago the computers were considered as matchless tools in presenting professional software programs. Noor Software Programs were influenced by this rule and were designed and developed for computers and Windows Operating System.

We are proud that the scholars and researchers make mention of Noor Software Collection as an important factor in conducting Islamic studies and researches. We, therefore, decided to present Noor Software Programs in other devices for more convenience of their users.

In this line, Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences has decided to find a solution to meet this need. Whereas Noor products have considerable volumes and require powerful hardware facilities, their application cannot be presented on Tablets and Smartphones due the limitations existing in them.

To solve this problem we made use of the Internet which is available nowadays in most places, and designed Abrenoor (Noor Cloud) System. It has made it possible for the users to run Noor Software Programs by means of the Internet and the Executive Tool without requiring setting up and as easy as surfing a website.

On the page Instructions for Setting Up and Running you can become familiar with the way of running and benefiting from Abrenoor (Noor Cloud) services.