You'd better know before starting:

  • You had better follow the instructions introduced in Help of Running and using Abrenoor (Noor Cloud) to avoid facing any problem.
  • Noor Software Programs can be run through Abrenoor (Noor Cloud) on all common devices. However, they are not suggested for mobile phones and devices with screens below 10 inches and resolution below 800x600 .
  • If the Internet speed is less than 256 KB (per second), you will face problems while using. You'd better use high speed Internet.
  • Whereas Noor Software Programs have primarily been designed for Windows, it is probable that you would face problems with their appearance.
  • In case you face the error of Credit Verification Failed! In Windows SSL, please download and run this file .
  • Noor Software Programs can be run via the browser of the software. So there is no need to download Executive Tool. In case you prefer to run the software via Executive Tool, please make sure whether or not it is proportioned with your operating system as well as your device.

Download Executive Tool