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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it inevitable to install Executive Tool to run Noor Software Programs?

Not necessarily. There are three methods to run Noor Software Programs. In the first method installation of Executive Tool is no required, and the software programs run by means of the browsers. In the two other methods installation of Executive Tool is needed.

Is it required to purchase License for Executive Tool? Is crack needed?

No. You can install and use it without purchasing license or cracking.

In which devices Abrenoor (Noor Cloud) services can be used?

Abrenoor services may be used in all prevailing smart devices. However, they are not recommended for mobile smart phones or devices with screens lower than 10 inches and resolution lower than 800*600.

Why the software programs have not directly been developed for other Operating Systems?

Since the products of the CRCIS are voluminous and require powerful hardware facilities to run, it is not possible to offer their applications for tablets and smart phones (due to the limitations existing in them).

Is it possible to use Noor Software Programs in offline mode?

No. At present these services are given Online, only.

In case I have obtained membership of other websites of the CRCIS, is it necessary to register a new membership?

No. In case you have become a member of any of our websites (, Samime-Noor, etc.) there is no need to register another membership. You can log in with that account.

How can I input my specification in Executive Tool?

Follow the steps here .

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

Please enter your email address here and then refer to your email. You will find the password retrieval link in your inbox. Click it to retrieve your password.

What can I do to solve the error of SSL?

In case you face an error message denoting that your SSL credit was not versified, please download this file and run it.